Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 106 Hooter's (Southwest Location)

Happy Labor Day readers! We are almost caught up with all our reviews. Can you imagine all the time in life you would have if you weren't working? Hey, it's okay...Brett and and I are very blessed that we both love our jobs and they allow us to live a wonderful life.

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What Teray Says...

I really and truly believe that Brett was expecting me to pick all of these places all 9 months now that I am pregnant. Wrong...once in awhile I may get a craving here or there but it is never for anything crazy. Find a place that sells Greek yogurt and fruit and I would be there everyday. Oh and add in a side of edamame. :)

This week we figured we would go to Hooter's because we wanted casual, easy bar food without the bar scene. I know this sounds terrible, but I feel like going to a bar or club while preggo (at least if there is not a designated non-smoking section) is kind of trashy. It always makes me think of that scene in Sweet Home Alabama. If you know what I am talking about, we can be great friends. 

Anyway, Hooter's was an easy choice, because we knew we could get seated right away and we didn't have to drive too far from home. Who are we kidding? I am the driver for 4 more months now. I don't mind at all though. 

Brett started off with a beer and I of course water with 3 lemons. We chose southwest spring rolls for an appetizer and they were amazing, like beyond amazing. I think the fact that I try to stay away from fried food so much made them even better. At least, Lincoln is getting a treat here and there. 

For our meals I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich which came with french fries and Brett go the shrimp po' boy. The sandwich was huge and the amount of fries that came with it could be shared. I know speaking for myself, if I was going to eat bad, I might as well enjoy it to the fullest, and  I definitely did. This sandwich was DELICIOUS. I ate every bite on my plate, which is rare, even while preggo.

The service was fabulous and the place was clean. It was a fun atmosphere with sports on in the background. I didn't pay attention to those, I found a Las Vegas Weekly to read instead. Overall, I really enjoyed Hooter's and wouldn't mind coming here during football season with friends (for the food and virigin Bloody Mary drinks of course). I rate Hooter's 5 out of 5. 

What Brett Says...

Not knowing what we wanted...hard to believe I have a pregnant wife that doesn't have normal pregnant cravings.  I mean I was looking forward to this pregnancy so I wouldn't have to pick where to eat for 9 months.  Unfortunately for me Teray craves yogurt, fruit, and all other healthy things.  I mean it's obviously working since she is still looking hot, but that still doesn't make it any easier on me.  I turned to the Entertainment book and saw a buy one get one free coupon for a place that would return me to a time when the coolest thing to do on the weekend was going to Hooter's.  I mean, at 16 it doesn't get any better then hot girls in short shorts and low cut tops.  Now at 29 with a wife and a kid on the way I'm not going to complain about all that but now I choose Hooter's for the coupon and good food.  Not having had it in a long time we decided to check it out.  We went to the one on Rainbow near Warm Springs.

If you haven't been it is a guys restaurant that is family oriented.  Everything is lacquered wood; the tables, the floor, the bar and the stools.  There are televisions everywhere with pretty much every sport on.  Most Hooter's out there are beer only, this one being in Vegas has gaming and liquor.  The waitress' wear short orange shorts, nylons, and low cut white tank tops...all in a surprisingly classy way.  The thing I like about Hooter's is the service is always great, the girls seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs, they are friendly and just have fun.  Overall it is just a laid back fun I said a guys restaurant.

They are known for their wings, not knowing for sure I would say they brought wings to the world.  We however did not get any, I don't get it either.  We started things off with spring roll plate, it was delicious.  Just to make sure it went down right I had some mugs of beer, ice cold.  For dinner I decided to get the "Shrimp Po Boy" which is a shrimp sandwich on a long roll.  This is a new item from my high school and college days.  I decided to mix it up, I'm glad I did.  The sandwich was surprisingly filling and also had the perfect flavor.  Probably wouldn't beat a seafood restaurant but for a place know for it's wings and "atmosphere" is was really very good.  Being completely filled up we opted not to get dessert, I just had another beer.

Overall I think Hooter's is a great place.  They have a business model that seems to be working and hasn't changed over the last 14 years.  Women seems to enjoy the atmosphere and it is great for groups.  There were families, groups, and lonely guys.  All seemed to be having a good time.  The food was amazing and is a step above normal bar food.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week
Thanks to Patty and Juan of Patty's Closet for providing me with my outfit of the week this week. Check out my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique. A girly dress is one of my favorite things to wear, especially in white. As soon as the girls at PC showed me this one, I knew it was the outfit for this week. It can easily be dressed up or down. I wore it to a party during the day and put a denim vest over it to dress it down and for dinner last night just removed the vest. The detailing on the front of the dress in silver really adds that extra glam. The top is mesh and low cut, but you can put a bandeau from PC like I did to make it a little more conservative. You can find this dress at the Rainbow PC location in both white and coral.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 105 Pizza Natali

Hi Everyone, first of all we are sorry for the delay with these blogs between both of us working like crazy, baby Lincoln on the way and a packed social calendar, it sometimes is hard to sit down and write a blog. Well, we are back. Remember, you can always find updates on when blogs will be posted and of course my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet posted immediately on our FB page: .

What Teray Says...

So as I mentioned above, life hasn't slowed down much recently and we had spent the whole day before this blog at the M Pool. You know how sometimes when you are out all day all you want to do is order some take out? Well, that was us on this day. We had a Groupon for Pizza Natali, so that made our decision as to where we were going to get food.

Now, as many of you know from reading these blogs, pizza and sushi are my favorite foods. Being I am preggo, pizza has taken the number one spot. I am very judgemental of pizza as well growing up Italian and being from NJ; I know the best pizza when I eat it. 

To spend the money on our Groupon we ordered some garlic bread and the Ultimate Meat Pizza which consisted of pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, gyro meat, provolone, salami, mozzarella and capicola. This pizza was beyond loaded with meat and was super delicious. I normally can eat about three pieces in one sitting. With this I could only eat one and saved some to have another one the next day. The meat was so filling and I became full very fast. 

I have to say this pizza was on par with pizza I have had on the east coast, probably some of the best I have had in Vegas too. The great thing also about Pizza Natali is you can call them and tell them what time you want it ready, not like some places where it is just 30 minutes. You could call at 3:00 and say you wanted to pick it up at 5:00. I personally think that is very convenient. 

Overall, I would rate Pizza Natali 5 out of 5 because I finally found some pizza up to my standards. 

What Brett Says...

Life has been going crazy; between work and this baby coming.  We found another deal for some food, between Groupon, Yelp, and Living Social there is always a way to save some cash.  We were in the mood for some pizza.  Considering Vegas is not really known to have very good pizza we decided to get some at a NY inspired restaurant.  We went to "Pizza Natali" on East Windmill.

We got it ask takeout so there isn't much to say about service or the physical restaurant.  I will say that I ordered the food in advance and set a pickup time.  I arrived about 5 minutes early and the pizza was in the oven, it was nice knowing that the pizza wasn't sitting out waiting on me.  Everyone seemed friendly and seemed to be in a good mood.  This isn't a place to sit down and eat, there was a small counter to sit and eat at but this is primarily take out style place.  They had a lot going on inside, almost too much.  The represented the NYC area well with the decorations, they also had a fish tank of the counter which I found a little odd.  Regardless, nothing would keep me from going back.

As for the food, we got the meat lovers pizza.  The pricing is higher then your chain pizza places but that is expected and they aren't ridiculously priced.  The pizza was pretty good.  There are plenty of places that claim to be NY style, the slices were smaller then the ones in NYC but the pizza itself was just as good.  There was tons of meat on it and it was still hot when we got home.  There really isn't much to say regarding pizza, it was either good or not.  It's either a place to return to or not.  Natali is a place to return to.

Overall I think you get the idea...order take out, deal with friendly people, and enjoy a good pie.

Rating 5 out of 5

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week
Check out my outfit of the week provide by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique. I love a printed dress, especially because it can be worn for so many occassions. Green and jeweled tones are so in right now. I paired this with flat sandals for a casual look, but could totally dress it up with heels for a dressier look. You can find this dress at Rainbow PC location.
Thank you to Patty and Juan from Patty's Closet for providing me with my outfit of the week this week. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 104 Surang's Thai Kitchen

Hello readers and welcome back! We hope you are all enjoying your summer. Can you believe it is August already? The time has flown by so fast! Remember, you can always find our blog on our Facebook page, which we update frequently and if you haven't already please like our page, . 

What Teray Says...

So this week that we to Surang's Thai Kitchen, I was beginning my second trimester and got my first of few cravings that I had so far. I really wanted Thai food and we didn't feel like driving anywhere far, so I type Thai food 89148 in Google and found that we had never been to Surang's Thai Kitchen. 

Surang's is located at Ft. Apache and Mesa Vista in the southwest. It isn't a fancy restaurant, more like somewhere you would go for lunch or to take out food. When we arrived we were the only people there, a big group came in about halfway through our meal, but like I said we basically had the whole place to ourselves. 

We both decided on chicken pad Thai, thinking it was the lunch special with soup and ragoon because the menu we were given had that on there. When we got our food, we were informed that is not on the week-ends. In my opinion, we should not have been given that menu then. Maybe it is because I am pregnant and pretty hungry the majority of the day, but I was disappointed. Other than that, the service was decent. 

Back to the chicken pad Thai, it was delicious and the portion size was good. I ate almost every bite except some of the chicken, because at that time I was still having a hard time getting down meat and poultry. Overall, I would visit there again if I were in a hurry for take out, but won't be rushing back anytime soon. I hate Surang's 3 out of 5. 

What Brett Says...

One of the cool things about having a wife that's pregnant is the fact that she will always have cravings making it that much easier to pic where to eat.  This week we went for lunch, Thai food was the craving of the week.  We decided to go with "Surang's Thai Kitchen" on Ft, Apache in the southwest part of town.  

The inside of the restaurant is pretty standard as far as Asian strip mall restaurants go; very few tables and a large counter for to-go orders.  It did look pretty clean which can be a challenge with take out centered restaurants.  The service was very good, there was only one server since it was a Saturday lunch and one other table.

We looked online and saw this amazing lunch special, we were instantly let down when we were told that it does not apply on the weekends.  I'm not sure what their week day crowd looks like but they might benefit from offering the special on the weekend.  Regardless the craving must be fulfilled.  I ordered chicken pad Thai, this is usually Teray's go to.  I ordered it because I always end up eating half of Teray's food and I always like her pad Thai more then my dish.  So this time I decided to smarten up and just follow her lead.  The dish was very good, I wasn't completely full (maybe if the special was available) but there was a decent amount of food.  The food had a little bit of a kick even though I ordered it on the milder side.  That being said the spice tasted right and I wouldn't have wanted it as mild as I was originally hoping for.

Overall I think this is a good place to go for a quick meal, the food was good.  I would say go during the week so you can get more bang for you buck.

4 out of 5

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week
Thanks to Patty and Juan of Patty's Closet for providing me with my outfit this week. 
Check out my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique. In the summer one of my favorite things is to wear neon. The bright colors just put me in a great mood. This skirt is so colorful and because of that the options for tops are endless. I paired it with my favorite color pink, and some lace up sandals from Heart&Sole by PC. If you want this perfect summer look, head over to the Rainbow PC location.

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Until next time, cheers to all of life's blessings xo 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 103 Blogging from NJ: Blue Moon Mexican Cafe

Hello readers. :) Welcome back! I am finally back in Vegas from almost a month straight of nonstop traveling. I think I was actually here a week combined within the past month, so it is time to get caught up on blogging. 

Yes, we have been busy traveling, but we also are happy to announce if you haven't heard already that we are expecting our first child on January 14, 2014 and could not be happier! 

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What Teray Says...

So this week for the blog I am reviewing a restaurant in Englewood, New Jersey. Why Englewood, NJ? Well, two reasons, one I am from NJ and two that is where the NJ Patty's Closet is located. As you guys know my Patty's Closet outfit of the week is a huge part of this blog, so I figured if you are going to be visiting the NJ store and live in the tri-state area, why not give you a fabulous place to eat while doing so. 

We chose Blue Moon because it was recommended by the girls working at Patty's, plus I was craving Mexican food that week of my pregnancy, so this was perfect. Blue Moon is a restaurant and bar that reminds me of a place you could do anything from hang with friends to go on a date. If I lived there, it would definitely be somewhere I would frequent, just because of the of the vibe there. 

At Blue Moon we sat outside because the weather was beautiful. Our waitress greeted us right away and brought us chips and salsa, which were delicious. For our meals I ordered the burrito lunch special. My sister ordered a salad and so did my mom. Speaking for my lunch special it came with rice and beans as well and was absolutely wonderful. It was some of the best Mexican food that I had in a long time. 

The prices were amazing too. The three of us had lunch for under $30, pretty good deal. Our waitress was friendly and helpful and the food came quickly. There were so many choices on the menu, so there is something for everyone. Also, the sangria is supposed to be amazing but being I was preggo, my mom doesn't drink, and my sister is gluten free, we didn't have any alcohol. 

Overall, I loved Blue Moon. I would recommend it to anyone in the NJ or NY area being the drive is not far for either. I definitely rate Blue Moon 5 out of 5 because it was top notch. 

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week
Thank you to Patty and Juan from Patty's Closet for providing me with my outfit of the week this week.  This week my outfit is from the Englewood, NJ store. Check out my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique.  Don't you love this maxi? Not only is animal print a Jersey staple, but maxi dresses are the perfect thing to wear in the heat and humidity. I love the material because it is so comfortable I feel like I am wearing pajamas.

If you haven't been to Patty's you can check out items from all of their stores on their Facebook page which is linked above. They post pictures of all of the new shipment items on Tuesdays and Fridays and each store has different items. If you aren't lucky enough to have a PC near you, you can shop online at

Until next time, cheers to our expanding family! xoxo 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 102 Roberto's Taco Shop

Hi Everyone, yes, we are back. With a few weeks of traveling around the USA, Brett switching shifts, and exciting life events, we have been go, go, go. We have reviews to write because we have been going on blog dates, but we haven't gotten to post until now. Thanks for sticking with us.

Just a reminder, I always post my outfits of the week provided by Patty's Closet in the same week we do our date. This is so that you guys can get the outfit in the store from the same week's shipment. You can find those on our Facebook page:

What Teray Says...

When it comes to a busy week there is nothing like take out which will allow us to enjoy the weekend together away from the busy places and just relax. This particular week was one of those and the scorching temps were the icing on the cake, I just didn't feel like going out. On all the tv shows I had watched that day everyone was eating Mexican for some reason. When I think of amazing Mexican and take out, I think Roberto's Taco Shop.

Luckily, we live by a Roberto's and it is only a couple of streets up. I decided to order the two tacos combination with rice and beans. I personally feel like anything you get there is always pretty good. When we do Roberto's take out, I normally eat half and then save half, this time wasn't an exception. I did the same. 

I know some people think and just by seeing the picture that this is messy slop. Yes, it is messy, but it is truly perfect if you are in the mood for a cheat meal and something so crappy for you. I wish these meals had no calories because I would eat them more often. Next time we go back there, I will definitely order the same thing though because it was delicious, broken into two meals and under $7.00, you just can't go wrong. On that note, I still prefer a Chipotle, Qdoba, or Baja Fresh over here. You have to be in the mood for junk. 

Overall, this review is short and sweet, but we did do take out. I rate Roberto's 3.5 out of 5 for take out Mexican food. 

What Brett Says...

Once again Teray and I are super busy and it doesn't even seem as though we have time to sit down at a restaurant and eat a meal.  It's times like these we resort to take out, usually a hit or miss.  This week we decided to let you all know what we thought of "Roberto's."  We have gotten a few small things here in the past, we have even stopped by late night.  But this was our first time getting in completely sober and during normal hours.

This will be fairly quick since it was take out.  Before I get into what I ordered you should all known that they have a salsa and kind of a salad bar; spicy carrots, onions, and peppers.  This is one aspect of Roberto's that I really like, I filled  couple bags, I personally love the carrots.  I ordered the beef burrito and beef enchilada plate.  Having worked at a Mexican restaurant I am pretty tough on Mexican food.  I personally don't like the rice and beans, they are pretty bland and aren't even warm.  Considering we live 2 minutes from Roberto's I know it isn't that we waited to long to eat.  The enchilada was awesome but the burrito was decent.  I'm not a fan of burritos loaded with sauce, plus it was difficult to cut and eat.  I ended up just turning it into a burrito salad type thing.  

Overall I think I am going to stick to Roberto's when I am drunk, sober I might go for their quesadilla or nachos.  I just can't imagine eating this sober again.

Rating (sober): 2.5 out of 5
Rating (drunk): 5 out of 5

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week
Check out my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique. I literally go bananas over palazzo pants. I love them because not only are they comfortable, but they can be dressed up or down. I always feel pulled together when I wear them, and they can be worn through all of the seasons. This pair has such a bold pattern with tons of colors that the combo of tops you can pair them with is endless. To get this look head over to the Rainbow PC location.

Remember, you can find out about all the new shipment items by checking the PC Facebook page which I linked above. Each store has different looks and there are always new items being posted. If you aren't lucky enough to have a Patty's near you, you can shop online at 

Until next time, cheers to little miracles. xo 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 101 The Mad Greek Cafe

I cannot believe this is post 101. I know, I know, we have been a little bit behind on this blog, but I promise we will pump them out soon and get back on track now that Brett has a new schedule and I am on summer break, thank goodness. 

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What Teray Says...

So for some reason, I think it is because I saw someone eating it on tv, I was really craving Greek food. Brett and I have been to a lot of the Greek restaurants in the area, but on my way to tutoring, I always drive past The Mad Greek Cafe and decided that is where we would go. 

Mad Greek Cafe is totally up my ally. It is exaggerated Greek themed with lights and fake garden outside. I loved the atmosphere immediately. We sat outside because it was a gorgeous night. I am glad we did because although the people inside looked like they were having so much fun, the music was a little loud for me. 

We were seated right away and our service got off to the right track, but kind of went down hill from there. We started with hummus and pita as well as grape leaves. Both of them were some of the best that I have ever had. If you are a follower of this blog, you know that Khoury's is my favorite Greek restaurant, and these were on par with their food. If you go there, definitely get these as appetizers. 

We got our appetizers in a fair amount of time. We ordered our dinner shortly after, but then it went down hill from there. Brett and I both got a gyro. I ordered mine as the meal with rice and salad and Brett asked for the sandwich version so he could get some spinach pie type thing with his as well. Well, not only did he not end up getting the right thing, it took over an hour to get our dinner. This is why the appetizers were so important, because if they weren't somewhat filling,  I would have passed out from hunger. 

Once the food did arrive, it was delicious, and the portion was huge, enough that I brought some home and ate it the next day for lunch. I think I would have enjoyed it more though if it didn't take so long; I was kind of irritated by then. We thought we should order our dessert as soon as the food came out so we wouldn't have to wait forever for that too. We both picked baklava, which of course was absolutely delightful and a good way to close out this crazy meal. We were at the restaurant for hours; not that we cared, but we went later as it was so we were both exhausted by the end. 

Overall, I enjoyed Mad Greek Cafe, but was not happy the service took so long. The food was delicious though. If you want to make a night of it, this place is for you. I rate Mad Greek Cafe 3 out 5. 

What Brett Says...

The entire week Teray was talking about getting some Greek food, so by the time the weekend came around I was craving it too.  We decided to check out "Mad Greek Cafe" on Durango near Sahara.  OPA!

Well they are definitely different then most restaurants when it came to the environment of the place.  The have a decent size patio that is completely surrounded with plant life, the city is completely cut off from intruding on your dining experience. They have speakers so you can enjoy the indoor entertainment (the speakers sound horrible most of the time).  As for seating, you either luck out and get a table that will allow you to be comfortable or you end up at something that has a flat surface and be uncomfortable.  The inside is a pretty simple set up; chairs and tables.  They also had a stage with live music and belly dancers.  I'm not sure how great the music was because of the speakers.  I will say indoors and out everyone seemed to be really into the experience of the restaurant.  If you do sit outside just know that everyone around you will be a smoker and depending on the breeze you may end up in the cross hairs.

Onto the service.  Everyone we encountered was very friendly and seemed to not hate being there.  The level of respect given to the customers was out of this world.  Unfortunately as far as the service it was shaky.  While our drinks seemed to be well taken care of getting food was a different story.  I didn't get what I ordered (two weeks in a row now) and it took close to an hour to get our entree. We did get told repeatedly that it was almost done, neither of us ordered anything that should take more then 5 minutes.  There also seemed to be an issue with staff dropping glass in the patio, it happened multiple times throughout out meal.

I'll start this section by saying the food we ate was delicious.  We started off with hummus and pita, every Greek restaurant should have this down pretty good.  We also had an order of grape leaves that was small but the flavor was good.  I ordered the gyro sandwich and got the gyro plate.  I just wanted to eat a wrap and make my life easy, unfortunately I got a plate that was much larger, required me to work, and cost a couple dollars biggie but it still wasn't what I ordered.  The plate was very good though.  I also ordered their spinach pies, every place has their own version.  Theirs are several smaller pieces but it was amazing.  For dessert we ordered baklava...thankfully it was awesome and we were able to end the meal on a high note.

Overall I'm not entirely sure how to feel about Mad Greek Cafe.  Every aspect except the food had its weak points and high points.  I think we need to go again to see if all this is normal.  Unfortunately I only have this experience to go off of.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

PS: We ended up next to two very annoying people who kept trying to sound intellectual to each other but failed miserably.  At one point they were making fun of pretentious people while they themselves were being pretentious.

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week
Thanks to Patty and Juan of Patty's Closet for providing me with my outfit of the week this week. Check out my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique. I love nautical looks; they are classic and never go out of style. This tee is so cute not only because of the front design but look at the back. I put it with a bandeau top from Patty's underneath and some denim pinstriped shorts from Lucky. You can find this adorable top that is perfect for many summer occassions at the Rainbow PC. 

If you haven't already, make sure you check out the Patty's Closet Facebook page, because they update it with all the new shipment items each Tuesday and Friday. They also have an online store if you don't have a PC near you,

Until next time, cheers to summer break. xo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 100 Bon Chef

Hey Everyone; welcome back. I cannot believe summer break starts this week. Where has the time gone? We are almost two years into this blog, talk about amazing. None of it could be possible without the support from the readers. 

Remember, you can always find our blog on the LV Informer under the Local Interest section. We also have a Facebook page, so do yourself a favor and like it to stay updated on what's going on with our blog, plus it's the easiest way to find our new posts,

What Teray Says...

This week I was craving brunch and I found a Groupon for Bon Chef. I have heard great things about Bon Chef for dinner, which is if I ever go back it will be for that. Bon Chef is located in Henderson on Eastern and Horizon Ridge Pkwy. It is tucked away, so you have to look for it to see it, you won't see it from the street. 

We were seated right away and both the breakfast and lunch menus were brought over. We both decided on breakfast. I ordered the pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot but I was really craving brunch as I mentioned above.  Brett ordered the eggs benedict and a side of fruit. Brett never got the side of fruit. Whenever one of us doesn't get something we ordered we don't say anything because we want it to be reflected within the blog.

Our food came out fairly quickly but our service was lack luster. The food was good, but nothing to write home about. I have had much better brunch food and was disappointed after eating my meal. The atmosphere was cute and again, I would probably go there for dinner, but not back for breakfast, too far of a drive and not worth it. 

This review is short, because I don't have much to say about it...I really wasn't a fan. My rating 2.5 out of 5. 

What Brett Says...

Women love brunch, I don't really know what is so special considering most restaurants allow you to order off the breakfast and lunch menus.  I love brunch because it allows me to sleep a few extra hours without disrupting breakfast.  That being said Teray wanted some brunch so I slept in and then we went to "Bon Chef Cafe" at Eastern and Horizon Ridge in Henderson.

The restaurant itself was nothing special, it severed it's purpose.  It is much more of a cafe then a restaurant, very simple.  If you are looking for a place that serves a purpose beyond tables and chairs then this is the wrong place.  I don't know why you would need more for a breakfast/brunch/lunch place.  What really matters is the service; I once again have to report that things here aren't great.  Our server was very friendly and personable.  Unfortunately you don't get what you ordered.  I ordered my entree and a side of fruit, I am not able to tell you how fresh the fruit was because it never came.  It is one thing to be slow when you provide refills...although that bothers me too.  But your main job is to relay a message to the kitchen and apparently that was too much to ask on this particular day.  I might as well just do it myself and save the cash.

I guess all that's really left to talk about is the food.  I don't really understand the idea of brunch...I have never seen anyone get anything but breakfast food.  I decided to go with something different then I normally would, I ordered the eggs benedict and a side of fruit.  Like I said the fruit never came but the eggs benedict was pretty good.  It wasn't the best I have ever had and it was small but I would eat it again.  I wish I would have went with something a bit more filling, or gotten the fruit.

Overall I would have to say "Bon Chef Cafe" was a pretty lackluster experience.  It isn't somewhere I would go out of my way to get to but if someone suggested it I wouldn't turn them down.  There are much better places to go and if I wasn't reviewing them I would have asked for the fruit instead of hoping it would eventually come.  

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Patty's Closet Outfit of the Week

Thanks to Patty and Juan of Patty's Closet for providing me with my outfit of the week this week. Check out my outfit of the week provided by Patty's Closet Fashion Boutique. I knew this week I was looking for a casual, classic staple and this shirt just happened to come in the newest shipment. If you are an avid fashion magazine reader like I am, you know that light denim is huge for summer. This shirt hits that trend but also another trend with the ebellishment and the fact that you can tie it at the stomach area. I love that I can already think of many other ways to wear this shirt. I paired it with a leopard skirt and some nude flip flops from Heart&Sole by PC. You can get this shirt from the Rainbow PC location.

If you haven't already make sure to like the Patty's Closet Facebook page which is linked above. You can see all the newest items on shipment days, which are Tuesdays and Fridays. Also, if you aren't lucky enough to have a Patty's near you, check out the website and you can shop online at

Until next time, cheers to summer break!